How can I afford braces for the kids?

Have you had the talk with the dentist that your kido needs braces some day? It’s one of those expenses that you put in the back of your head but you know that bill is soon to come. I promise, they are not cheap and the way I put it to my daughter is that with all the work and silver going in her mouth, she could have a car (ok a used one) but a car to say the least.

BEFORE YOUR CHILD GETS BRACES, CHECK YOUR POLICY FOR A POSSIBLE WAITING PERIOD. Yes, a waiting period. I was surprised to learn this. Also see what portion is covered if any at all. Dental policies can be a disappoinment when you see what little is actually available with orthdontic coverage. Our dental plan was no help in this arena. I had to pay straight out of pocket.

SOLUTION: After going to a private Orthodontist, the bad news of no coverage sent me to look for an alternative. I searched for dental schools in the area. Now I know this is the web and if you don’t live in Colorado, you will have to explore schools in your area. For me, I found the School of Dental Medicine at the University  of Colorado. They have a Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Graduate Program.

Savings over $2,000

A female mouth with braces.
A female mouth with braces. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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