How I got my dream car WITHOUT CASH

IMG00153-20100730-1516 My Saab is my pride and joy when it comes to my claim of fame of Queen of Cheap. I have always wanted a convertible. After many years of putting it on the back burner, I came up with an idea. Find someone who wants to trade something! Yup it was that easy. I had a 2000 Mercury Tracer sitting in my driveway. A vehicle we had obtained from a grandparent who was no longer driving. The Mercury was intended as an extra car for when we needed a car for company in town or when ours were in for repairs.

SOLUTION: Find someone who will trade what you have for what you want. It really was simple. I went on Craigslist and starting looking for the vehicle I wanted. I then happen to see the seller was willing to trade for an economic vehicle to save on gas. Bingo! That was my chance. Now mind you, the ad asked for a specific kind of car to trade. I had a Mercery Tracer. Not what they were looking for at all. I responded to the ad, told them what I had and asked if they would like to see. Despite not having what the buyer originally asked for, we did end up trading vehicles straight across. NO CASH TRADED HANDS AT ALL.

Now the Tracer had low miles and I was able to negotiate with a vehicle that was almost new. My car did have high miles and is a european sports car. I drive my convertible as a fun in the sun weekend car. You see the trade off right?


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