Mother of Multiples? Save big on clothes, equipment and so on


Now I got this idea from a friend of mine who is a MOM (Mother of Multiples) wink, you know who you are. She found this event when the boys were very little and she goes to these gatherings twice a year. It is a buy/swap meet for twins, triplets and so on. Now how great is that! Now I am a fan of consignment stores. But when can you EVER find anything for twins in those places? If you are a MOM, go check out your local MOM chapters or whatever orangizations similar and hit those swap meets up! I am sure you can find some great stuff.

  • Semi-annual used clothing and equipment sales where only members can sell their children’s clothes, toys, furniture, and equipment. Members also get to shop at the sales before the public is admitted. Make money and find great bargains!

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