Want to earn extra income? I do it from home and it’s easy


Ok, so my blog is “I am the Queen of Cheap”. I post ways to save money and make money. One of the ways I earn extra income is by selling Scentsy. Now I am not going to blog about the stuff you don’t want to hear – home parties yada, yada, yada. However, I will brag about the stuff I like about the company and the product. It is an EASY way to make extra income, I love the integrity of the company, and of course I LOVE the stuff!

Before Scentsy, I used to be a candle snob and bought those awesome smelling jar candles that kinda have a name like Hankee or Spankee or…. you get the point. I refused to have anything else.

Well, Scentsy won my heart and my business. So much so that when I first bought it, I was hooked. Just one of those wax bars burn for up to 80 hrs! Need I say more. I decided to sell it because I wasn’t going to let that rep, who is now my director, get all that commision from me as a buyer.

So there is my Scentsy story 🙂 I will post cool stuff on scent trends and share some of my scent recipies. Stay tuned for fun stuff!



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