I am your average everyday wife, mom and self employed (daycare provider and Sentsy Consultant, Decorative Ceramic Warmers that Use a Lightbulb to Heat and Melt Highly-Scented Wax Bars.) I used to work a corporate 9-5 Monday – Friday job that drove me insane. After I had my child, I had to take our 6 week old child to daycare. It was hard, but, I had to do it. Like most of us, we need a dual income to survive today. Kudos to those single parents without help. I feel for you.

After my husband made a career change, I too could then leave the corp world and start working from home and be the mom I always wanted to be. The primary caretaker of my daughter.

Of course, the title of my blog explains the way I think….. How can I save money! Gas and parking were over $500 per month and daycare on top was killing us. Now, with my help, I hope I can fill you in on tid bits to help you not only save money, but live life without that stress of FINANCIAL STRAIN.


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