Recycle with Freecycle. Great site to find free stuff

Anything you need can be found on Freecycle. You just have to go on their and ask. Or…. if you have tons of stuff you need to get rid of, someone on Freecycle will come get it. It’ is a little like Craigslist except it’s all FREE stuff.

I was lucky to have people give me supplies when I started a Girl Scout Troop. I give anything and everything I can after cleaning out a closet or room.

By giving freely with no strings attached, members of The Freecycle Network help instill a sense of generosity of spirit as they strengthen local community ties and promote environmental sustainability and reuse. People from all walks of life have joined together to turn trash into treasure.


Chic on the Cheap: How to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget!


I found this great book on a web site I recently came across. Now I have not read the book yet but it looks interesting and perfect for the frugal finder.

SOLUTION: Chic on the Cheap
Think you don’t have the money to look Fabulous after 40?
You already know that life is too short to be frumpy! …that there are tremendous BENEFITS to looking stylish and updated after 40 including:
You’ll feel more attractive
Your confidence will surge
You’ll send the message that you are modern and hip and that your ideas are too
Your wonderful personality will be expressed to the world
You’ll attract more personal and business opportunities into your life
You’ll be inspired to get in the world and have some fun!

Chic on the Cheap: Tips and Tricks for Building a Wow Wardrobe on a Budget!

Note: I did not get paid to blog my opinion of this ebook.

Earn gift cards for Birthday or Christmas Gifts for free

surveyjpgI have always been sceptic about sweepstakes and those survey sites. Recently I was talking to a friend who mentioned she got all her Christmas shopping done for free by using Toluna, an online survey site. Now understand I don’t have anything to do with Toluna by getting paid for this. In fact everything on my site is my opinion and no cash is involved.

I signed up myself and find it is a good site to do exactly what she said. Earn free gift cards. You can take as many or as little time you like by doing surveys.

I suggest if you are going to start doing surveys or sweepstaking, get another email address designated to this type of thing. SPAM MAIL WILL ARRIVE.

Have your pipes burst? Don’t have to spend a ton of money on repairs.

So in my neck of the woods, you will see a homeowner tearing up their yard to repair one of those pesky pipes that froze overnight. A friend of mine had this happen last week and he stumbled upon a device called Shark Bite. He explained that instead of digging up all the pipes, he was able to buy a piece to plug the broken piece. I am going to attach the website with a video to further explain. Note…. I am not a plumber, however I am the queen of cheap and anything to help save money on a costly repair is a thumbs up.

SOLUTION: Look into Shark Bite Plumbing for a quick fix.

Note: I do not get paid by any company for my opinions on any product I write about.

Avoid getting ripped of for car repairs.

English: Check Engine lamp on a running engine...
English: Check Engine lamp on a running engine indicating engine control system malfunction. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hate when my check engine light comes on and I think oh no! Now I have to go to shop to get it checked out. You think money, money, money right? My husband got a cool an hand held engine code checker at Advanced auto parts. I kid you not, this thing is great!

SOLUTION: You hook it up to your car and it will determine what is wrong. The codes will come up on the hand held device. You can find the codes online and get instructions on how to fix the problem. I did find a website that looks pretty cool.   Car Md is a tool that give alot of detail about your car and what repairs need to be done. It even gives you approx repair costs. Go check it out, it will save you some money!

Do you LOVE Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponges? Then read this

Mr. Clean's logo.
Mr. Clean’s logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Were you amazed how well those Mr. Clean eraser sponges work? I can’t believe what they actually do. There is a list of a million things they can clean. I am not kidding! Anyhow, they are expensive if you use them as often as me. With a homedaycare, I spend lots of time getting things of the floor, walls and so on.

These foam-like pads are extremely lightweight and resemble pieces of styrofoam.
■They are made of a porous melamine material that gets into hard-to-clean surfaces and tiny grooves… like magic!
■All it takes is a dab of water to moisten the eraser. No other cleaning chemicals needed (…and no elbow grease).

Melamine is used for sound rooms as well. My thoughts, why not buy a big sheet of it and cut into sponges. Well, finding the material that is sold in sheets was hard to find. However…… I did find a seller on ebay that sells it cut already. I SAVE A TON BUYING IT THIS WAY.

SOLUTION: Buy on EBAY. Type in Melamine Sponge Cleaner. I got 50 for approx 10.00.