Want to be a model? Why not get your comp card started with a student photographer


A comp card (also called composite card, z card , zed card or sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models. They serve as the latest and best of a model’s portfolio and are used as a business card. A Z-CARD is also a folded leaflet format, typically used for marketing communications campaigns for example a loyalty programme or seasonal promotion.

When starting out, you can get have people tell you that it is necessary to spend lots of money for photographers and so forth. Not so. There are photography and art schools with students who need to build their portfolio as well.

SOLUTION: Contact the schools and ask if they have student photographers who are looking for models for test shoots. Basically, you are trading services. The photographer will usually work out some kind of deal with you to give you prints of the session. That way you too can have shots for your comp card/portfolio. It works out well when bartering.


Bride to be…. Let me save you money on that wedding (or at least your parents) First tip Flowers

"Just some fake flowers at grandma's hous...
“Just some fake flowers at grandma’s house.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The one expense that surprised me the most while planning my wedding was the flowers. The costs can go pretty high and you would be surprised what fresh flowers cost.  In fact, after pricing everything, fresh flowers would cost me more then my dress. I was shocked to say the least.

SOLUTION: Rent your flowers. Yes that is right! I found a gal that made very high end silk flower arrangements and was able to rent them. I could not tell the difference if they were real or fake. Now I wouldn’t know where you could look in your town. I happened to call Micheals Craft Store and ask if they could refer me to someone. If you make a few phone calls, you will be surprised.

Mother of Multiples? Save big on clothes, equipment and so on


Now I got this idea from a friend of mine who is a MOM (Mother of Multiples) wink, you know who you are. She found this event when the boys were very little and she goes to these gatherings twice a year. It is a buy/swap meet for twins, triplets and so on. Now how great is that! Now I am a fan of consignment stores. But when can you EVER find anything for twins in those places? If you are a MOM, go check out your local MOM chapters or whatever orangizations similar and hit those swap meets up! I am sure you can find some great stuff.

  • Semi-annual used clothing and equipment sales where only members can sell their children’s clothes, toys, furniture, and equipment. Members also get to shop at the sales before the public is admitted. Make money and find great bargains!

College Students can go home for Christmas this year. Try College Carpool!

Student (Photo credit: Meathead Movers)
Students (Photo credit: University of Denver)

We all know college students are broke as it is. I feel for those who just can’t go home for Christmas because of the rising cost of travel. But do not fear, I found this great website that could possibly change your plans of staying in the dorm this year. Now I am not familiar with anyone who has tried it, but I always exercise word of caution and check things o

SOLUTION: Try http://thecollegecarpool.com/