Do you LOVE Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponges? Then read this

Mr. Clean's logo.
Mr. Clean’s logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Were you amazed how well those Mr. Clean eraser sponges work? I can’t believe what they actually do. There is a list of a million things they can clean. I am not kidding! Anyhow, they are expensive if you use them as often as me. With a homedaycare, I spend lots of time getting things of the floor, walls and so on.

These foam-like pads are extremely lightweight and resemble pieces of styrofoam.
■They are made of a porous melamine material that gets into hard-to-clean surfaces and tiny grooves… like magic!
■All it takes is a dab of water to moisten the eraser. No other cleaning chemicals needed (…and no elbow grease).

Melamine is used for sound rooms as well. My thoughts, why not buy a big sheet of it and cut into sponges. Well, finding the material that is sold in sheets was hard to find. However…… I did find a seller on ebay that sells it cut already. I SAVE A TON BUYING IT THIS WAY.

SOLUTION: Buy on EBAY. Type in Melamine Sponge Cleaner. I got 50 for approx 10.00.


For Fugal Video Gamer…. Why buy when you can rent all kinds of video games


Now I wish I had known about renting video games when companies first started this great concept. is similar to Netflix. You can rent games, they mail it to you and you can keep for as long as you want. You can even buy the game if you choose to keep it.

I can’t tell you how many times we have bought a game for the family and it’s been a dud. When you are paying around $50 for games, you think it should be pretty fun right? Not the case all the time. So for you who want to check it out before you buy…..

SOLUTION: is one option among many. I am going to check it out. Seems like a pretty good deal.

Bride to be…. Let me save you money on that wedding (or at least your parents) First tip Flowers

"Just some fake flowers at grandma's hous...
“Just some fake flowers at grandma’s house.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The one expense that surprised me the most while planning my wedding was the flowers. The costs can go pretty high and you would be surprised what fresh flowers cost.  In fact, after pricing everything, fresh flowers would cost me more then my dress. I was shocked to say the least.

SOLUTION: Rent your flowers. Yes that is right! I found a gal that made very high end silk flower arrangements and was able to rent them. I could not tell the difference if they were real or fake. Now I wouldn’t know where you could look in your town. I happened to call Micheals Craft Store and ask if they could refer me to someone. If you make a few phone calls, you will be surprised.

Mother of Multiples? Save big on clothes, equipment and so on


Now I got this idea from a friend of mine who is a MOM (Mother of Multiples) wink, you know who you are. She found this event when the boys were very little and she goes to these gatherings twice a year. It is a buy/swap meet for twins, triplets and so on. Now how great is that! Now I am a fan of consignment stores. But when can you EVER find anything for twins in those places? If you are a MOM, go check out your local MOM chapters or whatever orangizations similar and hit those swap meets up! I am sure you can find some great stuff.

  • Semi-annual used clothing and equipment sales where only members can sell their children’s clothes, toys, furniture, and equipment. Members also get to shop at the sales before the public is admitted. Make money and find great bargains!

Want to earn extra income? I do it from home and it’s easy


Ok, so my blog is “I am the Queen of Cheap”. I post ways to save money and make money. One of the ways I earn extra income is by selling Scentsy. Now I am not going to blog about the stuff you don’t want to hear – home parties yada, yada, yada. However, I will brag about the stuff I like about the company and the product. It is an EASY way to make extra income, I love the integrity of the company, and of course I LOVE the stuff!

Before Scentsy, I used to be a candle snob and bought those awesome smelling jar candles that kinda have a name like Hankee or Spankee or…. you get the point. I refused to have anything else.

Well, Scentsy won my heart and my business. So much so that when I first bought it, I was hooked. Just one of those wax bars burn for up to 80 hrs! Need I say more. I decided to sell it because I wasn’t going to let that rep, who is now my director, get all that commision from me as a buyer.

So there is my Scentsy story 🙂 I will post cool stuff on scent trends and share some of my scent recipies. Stay tuned for fun stuff!


College Students can go home for Christmas this year. Try College Carpool!

Student (Photo credit: Meathead Movers)
Students (Photo credit: University of Denver)

We all know college students are broke as it is. I feel for those who just can’t go home for Christmas because of the rising cost of travel. But do not fear, I found this great website that could possibly change your plans of staying in the dorm this year. Now I am not familiar with anyone who has tried it, but I always exercise word of caution and check things o


How can I afford braces for the kids?

Have you had the talk with the dentist that your kido needs braces some day? It’s one of those expenses that you put in the back of your head but you know that bill is soon to come. I promise, they are not cheap and the way I put it to my daughter is that with all the work and silver going in her mouth, she could have a car (ok a used one) but a car to say the least.

BEFORE YOUR CHILD GETS BRACES, CHECK YOUR POLICY FOR A POSSIBLE WAITING PERIOD. Yes, a waiting period. I was surprised to learn this. Also see what portion is covered if any at all. Dental policies can be a disappoinment when you see what little is actually available with orthdontic coverage. Our dental plan was no help in this arena. I had to pay straight out of pocket.

SOLUTION: After going to a private Orthodontist, the bad news of no coverage sent me to look for an alternative. I searched for dental schools in the area. Now I know this is the web and if you don’t live in Colorado, you will have to explore schools in your area. For me, I found the School of Dental Medicine at the University  of Colorado. They have a Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Graduate Program.

Savings over $2,000

A female mouth with braces.
A female mouth with braces. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)